Meet Robert Slamka, Democrat for Wisconsin Assembly, District 78.

By Robert Slamka June 23, 2020

Rob Slamka

Robert Slamka, Democrat for Wisconsin Assembly, District 78.

Both of my parents were teachers and proud Democrats and they instilled a passion for service in me from early in my life. I am a proud fourth generation Wisconsinite and I love our beautiful state and our world class University of Wisconsin - Madison that has made Wisconsin a leader in science.

It is for my love of our great state and its strong progressive tradition in politics, environmentalism, and intellectual pursuit, that I know this year, we MUST stop Trump. I think of my daughter and the future she will inherit, and I feel determined to act. We MUST act to restore decency, compassion, and justice to our government by making sure that Joe Biden wins Wisconsin.

I will stand up for YOU in the Wisconsin Assembly. You can count on me to tirelessly advocate for our University of Wisconsin - Madison, for a public option for healthcare, for protecting a woman's right to choose, for a better deal for seniors on a fixed income, and for affordable college for our kids. Primary election day is Tuesday, August 11th, and I need your help. Please consider requesting a mail-in ballot today: It will only take a few minutes and you will get a ballot by mail for both August and November.

Together we can build a more just, more generous, more democratic America. Now is the time to fight for what we believe in and stop Trump this November.

-Robert Slamka