Advocate for our University of Wisconsin - Madison

I love our world class University of Wisconsin - Madison that has made Wisconsin a leader in science and that enriches all of our lives. I will tirelessly advocate for our University of Wisconsin - Madison in the Assembly.

Support a Public Option for Healthcare

I donate platelets to help cancer patients twice a month. It breaks my heart that so many Americans cannot get the healthcare they need, and I will advocate for a public option so that high quality healthcare is available for more American's.

Protect A Woman's Right To Choose

I am determined to make sure that my daughter continues to have the freedoms that we fought so hard for. I will steadfastly protect a woman's right to choose.

A Better Deal for Seniors

Make social security income exempt from WI income tax for a better deal for our seniors.

Affordable College for Our Kids

Ensure that no Wisconsinite has to forego attending a college or university they are admitted to because of cost.